Business as usual for Cory & Co. Realty Brokerage Firm as it has been deemed an Essential Business to procure Real Estate. A Home for your Family is a main necessity.
YES to operations, processing, and working remotely.
YES to Individual and Private Showings.
YES to Virtual Showings.

Title Companies are NOT shutting down and you’re able to Close on your Sale and Purchase! (Confirmed).

Counties are working remotely and will still be E-recording your Sale and Purchase. They have the ability to work remotely which is fantastic. (Confirmed).

Lenders are working remotely and work with the Underwriting Department to process and Close your Loan. (Confirmed).

Appraisers, Inspection Companies, Moving Companies, and Home Repair Companies  are operating as normal as they are both Essential Businesses for you to procure Real Estate. (Confirmed).

Stay safe out there and healthy! Cory & Co. Realty Brokerage Firm is here to help you along the way and is OPEN and OPERATING as normal. (Confirmed).

A good resource: Check this list of “Essential Business” here:

And here is a good resource for Q&A here:…

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